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Battle Set: Cole vs. Ghost fighter

The ingenious battle set: Cole vs. Ghost Fighter (71733) enables LEGO® NINJAGO® fans to have imaginative and exciting adventures. The set contains a marketplace made of LEGO bricks and an action top to immerse children in a fantasy world and experience action-packed role-playing games. The ninja toy includes two minifigures: a new Cole, available from January 2021, and a Legacy Ghost Fighter from the LEGO® NINJAGO® TV series. The play set contains everything they need to have children fight thrilling duels for the four black weapons. Super cool children’s toys LEGO® NINJAGO® playsets lure children away from the screens and plunge into exciting adventures in a fantasy world. They stand by their ninja heroes and acquire while playing with great ninja toys such as mechs,The LEGO® NINJAGO® Battle Set: Cole vs. Ghost Fighter (71733) contains everything they need for children to play action-packed duels between the ninja hero Cole and the evil ghost fighter.The ninja playset contains two minifigures: a new Cole, available from January 2021, and a legacy ghost fighter from the LEGO® NINJAGO® TV series, as well as 4 exclusive black weapons.The ninja toy also includes a marketplace made of LEGO bricks as a battle arena and an action top that lets Cole spin and knock his opponent over.With only 51 parts, this toy is a great first LEGO® set for builders from 6 years and a wonderful surprise gift that little ninja will never want to put away.The set is 7 cm high, 5 cm wide and 8 cm deep. This is the perfect size for duels in your own child’s room or with a friend.Even bigger LEGO® NINJAGO® Battles can be fought out together with other sets: Kai vs. Skulkin (71730), Zane vs. Nindroid (71731) and Jay vs. Serpentine (71732).LEGO® NINJAGO® sets lure children from their screens into an imaginative play world in which they acquire important skills for life on their adventures alongside their ninja heroes.LEGO® bricks have been made of the highest quality materials for more than 60 years so that they can always be easily removed. Ninja skills are not required for this!LEGO® bricks meet the highest safety standards in the world.Building instructions